What sound does a hippo make?

The hippopotamus is an extremely large and aggressive animal. Although they generally do not pose much of a threat to humans, they are capable of causing considerable damage when they are aroused. This is largely due to their size and strength. In addition, they have large, flat teeth that can easily penetrate human skin. As such, it is important to remain vigilant when observing this species.

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Hippo sounds

What sound does a hippo make?

Hippopotamus Sound Name in english is called Growl or Honk.

A Growl is a sound that a hippotamus makes. They Honk usually when they are in water and try to communicate with each other. These sounds made by a Hippopotamus can be heard upto 2 kms.

Hippos are also known for their loud vocalizations, which can range from grunts to growls. This noise is produced through the grinding or popping of their teeth. For this reason, the hippo's name comes from Greek words meaning "tooth" and "grind."

Listen to the Honk sound of Hippo: