Yak Sound Name | What sound does a yak make?

A yak is a large, hoofed mammal. There are two types of yak: the Tibetan yak and the Himalayan yak. Both types of yak are native to the Himalayan region of Asia. The Tibetan yak is found in Tibet and northern parts of China. The Himalayan yak lives on the Tibetan Plateau and other parts of Nepal, Bhutan, and India. Both types of yaks can grow to be up to 7 feet tall and weigh up to 1,500 pounds.

Yak sounds

What sound does a yak make?

Yak Sound Name in english is called Grunt.

Yaks are stocky creatures with high, humped shoulders and a wide skull. Males and females both have horns that grow out of the sides of their heads and bend upwards midway down their length. Domestic yaks can only grunt, thus the Latin term “Bos grunniens,” which means “grunting ox.”

The sound made by the yak is called a “yakk-yakk.” This noise is caused when air flows over the surface of the tongue. It can be heard at very low frequencies (below 20 hertz). These low frequencies are also why you can’t hear a yak’s cry above 59 hertz. Yaks have extremely high-pitched voices compared with other animals. While they’re not actually capable of making sounds above 2 kilohertz (kHz), their vocal tract creates sounds that are much higher in frequency than those produced by humans or dogs.

Yak sound mp3

Listen to the sound of Yak:

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